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Catapult Productions is a television and motion picture production company. Catapult Productions receives numerous submissions from third parties, as well as developing in-house ideas, formats, stories, concepts, artwork, music, and the like, and that consequently, Catapult Productions already may have learned of, conceived, and/or be involved with developing materials or programs that resemble, share elements of, or otherwise contain ideas and elements similar to those in the Materials with the program(s) described in Materials.

You agree that no contract or obligation of any kind may be assumed or implied by reason of our review of your submission or discussion with you of your submitted materials. You acknowledge and agree that any compensation is subject to a formal written contract agreement between both parties in connection with Catapult Productions use of your submitted materials.

You agree that if Catapult Productions uses your submitted materials, Catapult Productions will negotiate appropriate compensation for such use, but you understand and agree that the use of material containing features and elements similar or identical to those contained in your submitted materials shall not obligate Catapult Productions to negotiate with you nor entitle you to any compensation or consideration whatsoever, and shall not obligate Catapult Productions in any other manner whatsoever. If Catapult Productions determines that it has an independent legal right to use such other material which is not derived from you (either because such features and elements were not new or novel, or were in the public domain, or were not originated by you, or because other persons [including Catapult Productions own employees] have submitted or may hereafter submit material containing similar or identical features and elements which Catapult Productions has the right to use) then Catapult Productions shall have no obligation to you whatsoever. You further acknowledge that Catapult Productions has no obligation to you of any kind whatsoever except as specifically set forth in this letter. If you have read and understand all of the terms and conditions held in this letter and are happy to proceed to submit the Materials in accordance with this Agreement please sign and return to Catapult Productions a signed copy of this Agreement